CS373 Software Engineering Blog#3

  1. What did you do this past week?

I had a ton of work this past week so I had to work on each of my projects a little at a time. I worked a little bit on the Collatz assignment and was able to pass the Hackerrank tests.

2. What’s in your way?

This semester seems to have a lot more workload than last semester, so the only thing in my way is lack of time. I think I am getting better at time management, though, and I’ve established a good schedule for each day.

3. What will you do next week?

Next week I will finish up the Collatz assignment and slowly start researching about the different technologies needed for the group projects. I’ll also start thinking about what kind of website I might want to make with my group.

4. If you read it, what did you think of the Continuous Integration?

I thought it was a very informative piece. I didn’t realize how powerful of a tool Continuous Integration is until I read about how it’s used in almost every technical project.

5. What was your experience of Collatz?

Overall, I thought it was an interesting assignment. There were a few bugs along the way that made me frustrated but after going over the optimizations in class and running through some test cases, I was able to figure it out.

6. What was your experience of exceptions?

My experience of exceptions was pretty good! The explanations and examples during lecture were very helpful in understanding when and how exceptions are used. I’ve used exceptions before, but it was a nice refresher especially since it’s such an important concept in software development.

7. What made you happy this week?

I was able to finish one of my projects early, so I got a little break from work.

8. What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

I came across VSCode live share which lets a team collaborate on the same codebase and synchronize their code. I think this will come in handy for the group projects, especially during Covid when we can’t meet in person with the team.

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